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  • Funding to Save Our Seine River Environmental Inc. for a summer student under the Urban Green Team Program and for an engineering study that assesses the feasibility of the syphon for fish passage under the floodway.
  • Funding for upgrades to the docks and boat launches at Tokaryk and Patterson lakes.
  • Funding to remove trash from the Red River shoreline.
  • Funding of research to reintroduce the lake sturgeon to the Assiniboine River.
  • Funding for a River Interpreter position with the City of Winnipeg who educates the public about the fisheries in the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.
  • Funding for the installation of a fish-friendly culvert and the construction of riffle structures on Normand Creek.
  • Support for the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium and the Namao.
  • Participation in the Winnipeg Fish Festival and Fall Urban Fishing Derby.
  • Lobbied to implement a catch and release regulation for channel catfish in excess of 24 inches.
  • Lake of the Prairies creek census and angler education project.
  • Support of a walleye spawn taking project at Lonely Lake Drain on Lake Manitoba.
  • Research and angling curriculum development at Fort Whyte Centre
  • Purchase and installation of four limno corrals for stocking walleye in Star, Betula, Brereton and White Lakes.
  • Stocking and marking of 12,000 walleye fingerlings into Betula Lake.
  • Support of work by Dr. Terry Dick on sturgeon research and release on the Assiniboine River.
  • Partnership with the Manitoba Canada Forestry Agreement to support a three-year study that resulted in the report “Evaluation of Fisheries and Aquatic Values in the Pine Falls Paper Company Forest Management Area”.
  • Submission of briefs to the Clean Environment Commission public hearings on water quality objectives for the watershed classification of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers within and downstream of Winnipeg.
  • Participation in a zebra mussel educational program including roadside signs.
  • Habitat enhancement project at Caux Falls on the Whiteshell River.
  • Funding for the Brokenhead River Watershed Management Study.
  • Funding of a study to assess the fish ladder at Lockport.
  • Funding and operation of the Red River shoreline clean-up and maintenance in the Lockport and Selkirk area.Operation of a fisheries interpretive centre at Lockport.
  • Funding public service announcements on radio and TV that promote catch and release and proper fish handling.
  • Spawning habitat enhancement project on Falcon Creek.
  • Funding of fish ladder construction on Sturgeon Creek 

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