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Corporate Profile

Fish Futures Inc. is a non-profit corporation and a registered charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of freshwater fisheries through:

  • sponsorship, development and encouragement of research projects,

  • habitat preservation, enhancement and management programs, and

  • public education to increase public awareness of the value of freshwater fisheries and the need for conservation and enhancement of fish stocks and habitat.

Fish Futures is managed by a Board of directors comprised of members of the general public as well as representatives of government, industry and the scientific community. The directors are elected by the members of Fish Futures in accordance with the corporation's by-laws. the directors are all volunteer workers.

Funding for Fish Futures initiatives comes from donations from corporations, businesses and individuals, as well as grants from federal and provincial governments and other funding agencies. Fish Futures Inc. also sponsors fundraising events such as the annual Banquet and Fish Winnipeg.

For more information about Fish Futures Inc. and its programs, write to or email us at

    Fish Futures Inc., 
    30th Floor - 360 Main Street, 
    Winnipeg, Manitoba,  R3C 4G1

Board of Directors

Fish Futures Board of Directors

Fish Futures Inc. is managed by a Board of directors comprised of private-sector individuals, government representatives and members of the scientific community. Members of Fish Futures elect the directors in accordance with the organization's by- laws.

The Directors are all volunteer workers. Overhead and salary expenses are kept to a minimum to ensure that the majority of funds go directly to aquatic-based projects. Fish Futures Inc. also sponsors fundraising events such as The Gimli Ice Fishing Derby, The Annual Fish Futures Banquet and Auction and Fish Winnipeg to name a few.

For 2024, Fish Futures has a talented group of directors working to conserve, preserve and enhance Manitoba's fisheries resources. 

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